Weight Loss Supplements

There are lots of products on the market for weight loss.  This is a reflection of the modern diet, which is full of calorie dense carbohydrates – it is simply too easy for people to overeat, often without even realizing that they are doing so.  However, the scales never lie, so if you have packed on the pounds, weight loss products can be a great way to help you lose the extra pounds.

Weight loss products work on a simple principle – by giving you a pre-measured portion of the right types of foods, you won’t end up eating too much.  We all get into habits, and it is those little habits, repeated day after day, that contribute to the extra pounds you carry around.  Weight loss products can help break those habits.

For anyone who is serious about weight loss, it is important to realize that getting rid of body fat is the goal – thus combining your dieting with exercise will do much to improve the prospects of success.

When you diet but don’t exercise, your body makes up for the lack of calories by feeding on your muscles.  Over time you lose not just body fat, but also muscle.  While this may seem like good weight loss, it is in fact making it harder and harder for you to keep the weight off – muscles are the body’s engine, burning calories 24/7.  Each pound of muscle burns around 35 calories per day, so losing five pounds of muscle means you will burn 150 fewer calories per day!

Conversely, if you exercise and add some muscle, you will not only look and feel better, you will also be burning more calories per day, making it that much easier to maintain your new, healthier weight.

Combining these products with a program of exercise is thus the most effective way to lose the pounds and keep them off.