Meal Replacement Supplements

Many people find that meal replacements are a great way to ensure that they are getting a balanced supply of nutrition even when they don’t have the time of energy to cook themselves a balanced meal.  They are also a great way to stick to a diet, because they limit the calories you consume.

Meal replacements are designed to provide a balanced supply of carbohydrates, protein and fat, and typically also have balanced profile of essential vitamins and minerals.  For busy people who are racing from their job to the gym, then maybe out for the evening, they can be a simple and effective way of ensuring that your body gets what it needs – and they’re certainly way better than grabbing a take-away on the way home!

Meal replacements are popular with dieters because they make it easy to control your calories.  Eating a couple of replacement meals per day will help you to limit your calorie intake – most plans offer replacement meals which you eat instead of your regular meals.  So, for example, you eat them for breakfast and lunch, then have a 600-calorie healthy meal in the evening.

You can be fairly sure that they are offering you a healthy balance – they have to conform to a European Directive that says that they must contain between 200 and 400 calories, be at least 25 percent protein, and contain 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

They are popular because they are convenient, because they mean you don’t have to worry abut what you will eat during the day – when you are at work for example – and because someone else has already counted the calories.

With a growing body of research showing that they can be effective in helping both short term and long term weight loss, more and more people are recommending this as an option for those who want to lose weight safely.