All-in-one Supplements

If you are looking for a supplement that combines everything you need, then an All-in-one is perfect for you.  An All-in-one combines everything you need to support your workouts, all pre-measured and blended so you don’t even have to think about it.

Most All-in-one supplements will combine ingredients such as whey protein, Creatine, Glutamine, and some carbs into one product.  This can be a price efficient way of getting the supplements you need – rather than having to buy a variety of individual supplements and figure out how much to use and how to combine them, all the hard work is done for you.

So what should you look for in an all in one supplement?  The most important ingredient is usually whey protein.  Whey protein is widely considered the best form of protein, it is easy to digest – meaning it hits your muscles quicker than any other form of protein – and has a profile of amino acids that is perfect for anyone looking to build or maintain muscle mass.

Other popular ingredients include creatine and glutamine.  Creatine is considered the leading supplement for building muscle, and is used by everyone from body builders to rugby players, track and field athletes to triathletes.

Glutamine, like creatine, is an amino acid.  While creatine helps to build muscle, glutamine is essential for quick recovery from tough workouts.  Glutamine is the most plentiful amino acid in the body, but during a hard workout you will deplete your glutamine levels by up to 50%.   Supplementing with glutamine ensures that you recover quickly and are able to continue to work out day after day.

By combining these key ingredients into one supplement you can ensure that you get everything you need on a regular basis – typically two servings per day, mixed with water, milk or juice, will provide all these key ingredients.