Boxing & Martial Arts Supplements

People who train for boxing and martial arts tend to be pretty committed, training hard on a regular basis – they know that peak physical conditioning is essential if they are to perform their best when they fight.

Boxing and martial arts requires a combination of speed, strength, power, stamina and agility – if any one of those is deficient it will affect your performance and could lead to defeat or injury.  If you are serious about boxing and martial arts you therefore have to not only train hard, but also be smart about your nutrition.

Any sport that places so many demands on its participants requires a variety of workouts, and that means training almost every day.  In order to do that week in, week out without getting injured or exhausted you have to be able to recover quickly from one workout to another – recovery drinks and formulas are the most effective way to ensure that you get the recovery nutrition that you need.

One of the keys to recovery is getting the nutrients that you need into your body as soon as possible after your workout.  There is a short window – around twenty to thirty minutes – when your body is most receptive to receiving key nutrients.  Therefore anything that makes it easier for you to get your recovery nutrition in is going to aid that process.

That’s why so many recovery products come pre-made in the form of shakes, for example, and are designed to be delicious and easy to drink, even when you are hot and tired after a workout or event.

Look for recovery drinks that contain carbs and protein in a three to one ratio, and plenty of fluids – rehydration is one of the primary needs after a workout.  In addition, amino acids like glutamine have been shown to help improve recovery from tough workouts.