Lean Muscle Supplements

If your goal is to add lean muscle, nothing works better than whey protein.  Building lean muscle means not just doing the right workouts, but eating properly.  You can’t simply eat lots of extra calories and expect to add muscle.

Whey protein is the perfect food for building lean muscle – it’s packed with the BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) that your muscles need, meaning you can train hard but still recover quickly.  It’s also very low in carbs, so it won’t pile on the pounds of fat unless you eat it in ridiculous quantities.

The basic principle of building muscle is simple.  You have to overload the muscle – that is, work it harder than it is used to – then feed it the right food to allow it to grow.  When a muscle has been subject to that type of strain, it needs the right amino acids to help it recover and grow – those are found in protein, and for quick replenishment of tired damaged muscles, whey is the best choice.

Many people find that when they are trying to add lean muscle they also add lots of fat – this comes from overeating, and in particular eating the wrong types of foods.  Sports nutrition companies make various products for those looking to add bulk, all carefully formulated to feed the muscles without piling on the pounds where you don’t want them.  When added to a healthy diet they give your body the extra calories you need to grow.

For those who find it hard to add muscle – known as “hard gainers” – there are special formulas that can help you add the bulk you want.  Finally, it’s worth paying attention to the timing of your meals – eating after workouts and before bed are crucial if you want to add muscle.