Sci-Mx Supplements

If sports performance is important to you, then Sci-Mx can help.  Sci-Mx offer a range of great sports nutrition supplements designed to help you, from protein to creatine, testosterone boosters to fat loss products, they have everything athletes need to get in shape and stay in shape.

Sci-Mx are scientifically designed to help you meet your workout goals, using the latest research to develop cutting edge sports nutrition – they are used by bodybuilders, track athletes and professional rugby players, as well as everyday people.

The Performance range of products is designed to help you beat your opposition.  Whether your goal is an extra yard of speed on the rugby pitch or outlasting your opponents on the track, they can help.

Products like Enduro Fuel can help you to increase your power, your strength, your endurance and your speed.  Enduro Fuel is a blend of essential carbohydrates and electrolytes, combined to give you the energy and electrolyte replacement you need during endurance training and events.

Enduro Fuel combines long chain glucose polymers (for sustained energy supply) with fast acting simple sugars like dextrose monohydrate that offer rapid energy replacement.  It is an ideal energy supply for short, medium or long workouts and events, and will boost recovery.

If your goal is to build muscle, then ZMA Hardcore can help.  ZMA Hardcore is designed to help boost the regulation, synthesis and metabolism of healthy hormones, allowing you to reduce muscle fatigue and build bigger, stronger muscles.

Or why not try Glutamine Pro?  Glutamine has been proven to boost recovery for bodybuilders, rugby players, sprinters, combat athletes, and track-and-field athletes.  Glutamine Pro delivers the perfect amount of pharmaceutical grade L-glutamine to repair your muscles after a workout and fast track the recovery process.