Maxitone Supplements

Offering a variety of nutrition for health and well-being, Maxitone can help whether you want to lose weight, get more toned, or simply improve your health.

Maxitone designs their products to help you make the most of your exercise, supporting your body ambition goals.  When you are working hard to achieve your goals, you don’t want your success to be undermined by poor nutrition, so Maxitone offer the helping hand you need.  They even have a 24/7 advice line to support you.

If you are finding it difficult to lose weight, the Low GI Sculptress weight loss range can help.  Offering a simple, convenient and proven way to quickly lose weight, it includes sculptress weight loss shakes, weight loss bars and weight loss capsules.  These use Low GI nutrition and natural extracts to help you control calories, boost protein and combat food cravings.  When combined with a regular exercise program, they can help you to lose one to two pounds per week.

For those looking to tone up rather than actually lose weight, the high protein Definity toning range is perfect.  Higher protein diets have been proven to help sculpt a leaner body, and keep you feeling full longer than other types of foods.

The range includes Definity toning shakes, toning bars and CLA toning capsules, all using research blended high protein nutrition and natural extracts to help you achieve enhanced body toning results.  Whether you work with weights, body pump, pilates, bands or toning DVDs, Definity shakes can help you get toned up faster.

Finally, there is the Finesse range.  These are carefully blended to help women optimize their diets to boost well being – you’ll look better and feel better when you add these research proven natural extracts to your regular diet.