For Goodness Shakes

If you haven’t tried For Goodness Shakes you are missing out on a delicious treat – and they can help your training program too!  For Goodness Shakes are designed to provide exactly what your body needs to recover quickly after a tough workout – the great flavors simply make it much more likely that you’ll actually drink it!

Whereas most energy drinks contain carbs (in the form of sugar) and very little else, For Goodness Shakes are milk based, meaning that they are also a good source of protein.  After a workout your body needs three things – fluids, to rehydrate, and protein and carbs to repair and replenish your muscles.  For Goodness Shakes provide all three of these.

For Goodness Shakes now offers three different products.  Their original shake is the perfect after workout recovery drink, with three parts carbs for each part of protein, exactly what your body needs to recover.  And because they come in the form of a delicious shake, you’ll enjoy them even when you aren’t in the mood to eat, which it typical just after a workout.

Recovery nutrition works best when it’s delivered within twenty minutes of your workout, so having something that you’ll enjoy makes it much easier to get your post-workout nutrition right.

There’s also the Sprint 330g shake, a smaller portion that you can use after for lower intensity or shorter sessions, and now a powdered version that combines great taste with world class recovery ingredients – you can mix it up yourself, so it’s convenient to take with you wherever you are.  It has a 3:1 carb to protein ratio, fast acting and slow acting proteins (whey and casein), and six grams of essential amino acids.

If you are looking for a great way to get vital nutrients into your body right after your workouts, this is a great range of products.